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ST500LM000-SSHD-8GB Data Recovery BD

ST500LM000-SSHD-8GB Data Recovery BD

ST500LM000-SSHD-8GB Data Recovery BD Rst 0x40M Servo Processor Is Reset. (P) SATA Reset Request spin / disc table recovery ASCII Diag m TCC:001F ode F3 T> Prod Desc: Kahuna LP2 4K, 60zn, LBARO, ASD WPin+FFB+PFB+Combo+PSpin, 8/16/32GB Package Version:...

ST2000VM003-1ET164 Data Recovery

ST2000VM003-1ET164 Data Recovery

ST2000VM003-1ET164 Boot 0x40M Spin Up Trans. Spin Up SpinOK TCC:001F (P) SATA Reset ASCII Diag mode F3 T> Prod Desc: BacallBP2 LuxorLite 1.0, 1MB Flash, ABIE, PBASeed, SDnD, DFW Package Version: B2AED3006.SDC1.GT0ADY.SC11 Serial #: W520KQQ7 Changelist: 00691289...

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