Data Recovery pricing

Data Recovery pricing

Additional Charges (Following Charges are Non-Refundable):
Analysis Fee Per Device: 300TK (report after 3 working days )
Re-analysis Fee Per Device: 1,000 TK (report after 3 working  days )
Miss-handled/Tempered Device Per Device= 10,000BDT (report after 3 working  days )
Express/Emergency Service Charge Per Device= 3,000BDT (report within 24 hours )

# CCTV DVR Analysis Fee Per Device= 3,000BDT (report within 3 working  days )
#Server SAS HDD Analysis Fee Per Device=3,000BDT.(report after 3 working days )

1.HDD & Sata SSD data recovery pricing:

1.Logical failures (Without bad sectors) upto 320gb Start from* 2,500 taka (USD 30$)* Recovery times 3-5 days.

2.Logical failures With bad sectors upto 320gb storage* Start from 5,000 taka (USD 60$)* Recovery times 7-15 days.

3.Electronic failures Start from 3,000 taka upto 320gb storage* S(USD 40$) Recovery times 2-5 days.

4.Mechanical/Physical failures/FW failures cost Start from 25,000 taka upto 320gb storage* (USD 300$) Recovery times 7-20 days.

(extra 4,000/(50$) for SSD without Sata interface like m.2, uSata, mSata, Apple SSD, Pcie SSD, etc )


RAID RECOVERY price for all RAID types including SAN, NAS Servers

starting price 50,000 Taka (USD 600$) minimum*

3.Memory card/Pen drive Data Recovery price :

 Starting price 1,000 Taka upto 32gb Memory Card
Physical/Firmware damage Memory card recovery cost start from  30,000 taka.

CF,SD Memory Card Videos Recovery (this charge for when data recovery software failed to play your videos )
starting from 4,000 Taka upto 32gb Memory Card
64gb 6,000 Taka
128gb 8,000 Taka
256gb 14,000 Taka

4.CCTV DVR Data recovery price :

Minimum 5,000 taka  for FAT file system

5.Encrypted Data Recovery Price:

*Folder Locker or any third-party Locker software Encryption Extra 8,000 taka.  (usd 100$)*

*Bitlocker 10,000 taka minimum  (usd 120$)*

*McAfee   Endpoint Encryption minimum  (usd 950$)*

*Symantec Endpoint Encryption  minimum   (usd 950$)*

*Ransomware encryption minimum start from  (1200$)* NO DATA NO CHARGE (cost depends on Ransomware  types )


  1. I have a Seagate external hard drive, which had fallen from my hand on to my leg and then on the carpeted floor. Now my PC cannot find this and the hard drive makes a clicking noise. Do you think you can recover the data? How much will you take?

  2. Asalamualaikum vaia amr hard disk connect korly vitorar disk tha ghury just.but kichu show kory nha .vaia 1tara .koto lagty pary .ar hoby ki nha please bolban please

  3. i have a dead hard disk from which i want to get my files. can you recover that? and how much will it cost?

  4. Bitlocker encrypted data ki password charai recover korte parben..? Naki password jana lagbe.?

  5. Ami amr laptop setup dawar shomoy accidentally hard disk format dia falsi akhon ki amr hard disk recover kora jaba…??

  6. Amar HDD 750gb, 5 ta partition silo. windows deyar somo puro space unallocated dekhasse,ager kono partition nei, amar data gulo recover kora jabe?

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