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Data Recovery pricing Device Analysis Fee (Non-Refundable):

USB HDD (WD my Book, my Passport, Samsung, G-Drive) 800Tk
SSD , SATA M.2, M.2 NVME 800TK
SAS Per HDD – 3,000TK
NAS, SAN – 3,000TK
Formatted DVR, NVR, CCTV – 2,500TK
Working and Non-Working Mobile-1,500TK
Opened HDD Fee Depends on Device Capacity (***)TK
Ransomware Case per HDD 2,000TK
McAfee Complete Data Protection Advanced 3,000TK
Sophos  SafeGuard Encryption 3,000TK
Symantec Endpoint Encryption 3,000TK
*Emergency Service Charge 50% Extra of Total bill.
Device Analysis Times Around 1-2 days.



We have also a free Analysis Policy without Opened HDD
Device Analysis Times Around 5-10 days.


Data Recovery BD

Standard Process:


HDD Data Recovery Pricing:

1. Logical failures (Without bad sectors) up to 320GB Start from* 2,000 taka Recovery times 3-5 days.

2. Logical failures With bad sectors up to 320GB storage* Start from 5,000 taka Recovery times 7-15 days.

3. Electronic failures Start from 3,000 taka up to 320GB storage  Recovery times 2-5 days.
4. Physical failures/FW failures cost Start from 15,000 taka up to 320GB storage* Recovery times 7-20 days.

(extra 4,000 for SSD without SATA interface like m.2, uSATA, mSATA, Apple SSD, PCIe SSD, etc )



RAID RECOVERY price for all RAID types including SAN, NAS Server
Damage Logical Raid Configuration, Damage Raid Hardware Controller, failure to Boot up System, etc.

starting price 20,000 Taka minimum*


Videos Recovery Price:

Videos Recovery price 3,500 TK for 32GB card

Videos Recovery price 5,500 TK for 64GB card

Videos Recovery price 6,000 TK for 128GB card

Videos Recovery price 13,500 TK for 256GB card

Videos Recovery price 18,000 TK for 512GB card

Canon, GoPro, other action cameras, 4k videos, CF, SD Memory Card Videos Recovery (this charge is for when data recovery software failed to play your videos )

***Physical/Firmware damage/Slow/Bad Sectors Memory card recovery cost starts from 8,000 TK.

CCTV DVR Data recovery price :

Minimum 15,000 TK  for FAT file system*

HikVision, HikVision NVR, HikVision NAS, HikVision NVR NAS.

Dahua, Dahua NVR, DHFS (Dahua File System), DHFS, etc. 


Encrypted Data Recovery Price:

*Folder Locker or any third-party Locker software Encryption Extra 8,000 taka.  (usd 100$)*
*Bitlocker 10,000 taka minimum  (usd 120$)*
*McAfee   Endpoint Encryption minimum  (usd 950$)*
*Symantec Endpoint Encryption  minimum   (usd 950$)*
*Ransomware encryption minimum start from  (999$)* NO DATA NO CHARGE (cost depends on Ransomware  types )


Most Popular Recovery Package :


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ST500LM000-SSHD-8GB Data Recovery BD

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ST2000VM003-1ET164 Data Recovery

ST2000VM003-1ET164 Data Recovery

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