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Data Recovery Training
4 level of data recovery training

1. Data Level Recovery training

Data Level Recovery

Data level recovery is the most basic type of data recovery. It involves recovering data from a storage medium that is accessible but has become corrupt or damaged. Examples of such damage include accidental deletion, formatting, and file system corruption. Data level recovery involves using specialized software tools to scan the storage medium and recover the lost data. This type of recovery is usually successful as long as the storage medium is accessible and has not suffered physical damage.


2. PCB level recovery .

Hard disk PCB level data recovery is a complex and specialized field that requires advanced technical skills and knowledge. Training in this field typically involves a combination of theoretical study and hands-on experience with specialized equipment and tools.


3.Firmware Level Recovery (advance level) , when HDD not not detected , clicking sound, bad sectors, fw problem, etc.

Firmware Level Recovery

Firmware level recovery involves recovering data from a storage medium that has suffered firmware corruption. Firmware is the software that controls the storage medium’s operation, and if it becomes corrupted, the storage medium can become inaccessible. Firmware level recovery involves reprogramming the storage medium’s firmware to repair the corruption and restore access to the data. This requires specialized equipment and knowledge and is typically only done by experienced data recovery experts.


4. Disk Level Data Recovery (HDD Head replacement) training

Disk Level Data Recovery

Disk level data recovery involves recovering data from a storage medium that has suffered physical damage. This could be due to a head crash, motor failure, or other mechanical issues. Disk level data recovery requires specialized equipment and knowledge. In disk level data recovery, the data recovery expert disassembles the storage medium and repairs any physical damage. They then use specialized tools to read the data from the storage medium and recover it.



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