We Repair and provide services for any type of problems for any brand of laptop, notebook and tablet :

Laptop servicing in Dhaka Bangladesh

Laptop servicing in Dhaka Bangladesh

The top most common problems are listed below: (you may experience other problems, pls call us to get our support)

– Laptop is not boot up or start
– Randomly turns off
– Laptop Adapter/Charger Problems
– Laptop Battery problems
– LCD Video Display problems
– LCD screen has a faint image or is very dark
– LCD screen is solid white colour or garbled
– Laptop is running slow
– Laptop is frozen, no response to keyboard or mouse, cannot Shutdown
– Laptop Hibernate and Standby problems
– Broken case or hinge as a result of a drop
– Power connector damaged or will not charge the laptop
– Laptop Overheating
– Damaged LCD screen or does not display the image properly
– Failure of the backlight
– Sticky or broken keys on the keyboard
– Laptop USB ports are damaged
– etc. etc……

Contact Information:

Hotline:  01912881685

ECS Computer City, Multiplan Centre. Suite (870) # (Level-8)

69-71 New Elephant Road Dhaka-1205