HD Video data recovery service in Dhaka Bangladesh

A very common problem of SD/CF card with Videos recovery .
Mostly it happened with those Camera RED Camera, Canon Mark series, Sony PXW series, Etc. Files format can be .mov, .MXF, mp4, red Etc.

People use data recovery software to

RED Camera Video Recovery

RED Camera Video Recovery

recover data .
Data recovery software successfully recover all videos file but unfortunately those videos CAN’T PLAY .

on this condition we can solve this problems.
for this case minimum recovery cost 4,000 taka.

The most common problems of digital photography and videography.After the wedding or any program camera man try to copy video footage from CF card or SD card or microSD card to Pc or Laptop.but some time it happen incomplete copy or stop copy process . after that only few footage are play other video footage can’t play. or some time cf card , sd card, micro sd card show this message do you want to format it!!

do you want to format it data recovery in bangladesh dhaka

do you want to format it data recovery in dhaka

on this condition most of the time user try to format it and then try to recover video data . but after recovery all video footage files format types like AVI, MP4, MOV, ETC from dslr camera brand Canon,Nikon,Olympus,Leica,Pentax,Minolta,Sony,Fujifilm,Samsung,Kodak, dji osmo.  but problem is all recovered file are can’t play with any player in windows pc  or mac pc. because those files are corrupted .

on this condition we can help you to recover your video footage .
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