Hard Disk repair/refurbished training:

Data Recovery BD is a well-known data recovery service provider in Bangladesh that offers specialized training in hard disk repair and refurbishment. The training program is designed to provide students with the technical knowledge and hands-on experience needed to repair and refurbish damaged hard disk drives (HDDs).

The hard disk repair and refurbishment training program offered by Data Recovery BD covers a wide range of topics, including HDD architecture, firmware, and the use of specialized tools and equipment.

The training program is led by experienced professionals in the field, who provide students with one-on-one guidance and support throughout the program. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including specialized data recovery software, disk imaging tools, and advanced repair and refurbishment equipment.

Overall, the hard disk repair and refurbishment training program offered by Data Recovery BD provides students with a comprehensive and hands-on education in a specialized and rapidly growing field. With their newly acquired skills and knowledge, graduates of the program are well-positioned to pursue a rewarding and fulfilling career in the IT industry in Bangladesh and beyond.

1.Toshiba laptop hard disk repair training  ($250usd)
2.Western Digital(Wd) desktop / laptop hard disk repair training  ($400usd)
3.Seagate desktop hard disk repair training ($400usd )
4.Samsung desktop / laptop repair training ($400usd)
5. Hitachi Hard disk Repair training

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