encrypting data recovery

Encryption support list For Recovery: Encryption is the conversion of electronic data into another form, called ciphertext, which cannot be easily understood by anyone except authorized parties. 1.Encrypting File System…

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HDD data recovery pricing

data recovery pricing

HDD data recovery pricing in Dhaka Types of hard drive failures 1.Logical failures starting price 1,500TK to ***** TK. 2.Electronic failures starting price 3,000TK to ***** TK 3.Mechanical/Physical failures 15,000 TK to 60,000 TK 4.complex modes failures…

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SSD Data Recovery

SSD data recovery in bangladesh

Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery in Bangladesh 1.Firmware Corruption. 2.Power Surge 3.Faulty Controller Chip. 4.Liquid Spill/Flood Damage 5.Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Damage. 6.Damaged SATA or ZIF Connector. 7.Detected as…

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