Laptop Accessories charger, Battery, DVD WR, HDD, RAM, LED LCD Display

Supported Laptop Brand Hp, dell, asus, acer, sony, lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, etc

Laptop charger Good Quality =$1,200 Taka (180 Days warranty)

Laptop Battery Good Quality =$1,800 Taka (180 Days warranty)

Laptop Keyboard Good Quality=$2,600 Taka (90 Days warranty)

Laptop Hard Disk WD 500 /1 TBGB  Good Quality=$ 3,700/4,800 Taka (365 Days warranty)

Laptop RAM Good Quality DDR 3 4GB =$3,100 Taka (365 Days warranty)

Laptop DVD WRITER Good Quality=$2,500 Taka (90 Days warranty)

Laptop Display LED /LCD Good Quality=$3,500-8,000 Taka (180 Days warranty)


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