Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

You have to pay in advance 50% of the quoted service charge. Usually, 1 DONOR HDD is enough for data recovery in such scenario. In some cases, more than one DONOR HDD is required. If in any mean, more than 1 DONOR HDD is required, you will be informed accordingly before proceeding.

* If you get your required data recovered, then the case is considered as successful. Then you have to provide a backup HDD for collecting data and have to adjust rest payment (if applicable)

* If you don’t get your required data recovered, then the case is considered as unsuccessful. Then we will refund you full amount except DONOR HDD Cost. It means, you carry DONOR HDD cost, and we carry Operating Cost for unsuccessful cases.

* You must collect your HDD/Data within 7 working days from the date we complete the job and inform you about the status. After the time period, we will destruct HDD/Data permanently, and no claim will be accepted after the time frame.

* We will not give you back damage/non-working HDD after successful recovery, if unsuccessful, then we will give you back your damage/non-working HDD.


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